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Kill Your TV: How Bay Area Video Art Exploded in the 1970s

San Francisco had never experienced a Fourth of July quite like it did in 1975, when a custom Cadillac drove through a pyramid of 45 flaming televisions at the Cow Palace. Media

March 2015
Doug Hall on his utopian generation

Artist Doug Hall reflects on how the radical atmosphere of the 1960s fostered his early sculptural works and helped him understand sculpture as a "bodily experience" that…

March 2015
Ant Farm on becoming "underground architects"

Chip Lord and Curtis Schreier, members of the multidisciplinary artist collective Ant Farm, reflect on the moment that united them in San Francisco with third member Doug Michels.…

March 2015
Brice Marden on what painting is all about

In 1966 artist Brice Marden began working as Robert Rauschenberg's studio assistant. Marden weighs the impact of his experience with Rauschenberg against the influence of his…

March 2015
but what you want is far away

An innovative performance of dance and poetry but what you want is far away explored the complexity of California as a symbol of abundance and freedom. The November 7, 2014…

February 2015
  • Phoebe Osborne,
  • Lisa Jonas Taylor,
  • Colin Self,
  • Philip Matthews
In the studio with Brice Marden

From his sprawling studio space and the large moss garden outside his home, artist Brice Marden discusses his approach to abstraction and the ways paintings can serve as vehicles…

February 2015
Peter Campus on his most famous work and why he hates it

After a bit of yelling, artist Peter Campus reflects on the origins and impact of Three Transitions (1973), a video project in which he manipulates his own image in three different,…

February 2015
Tony Oursler describes his "electronic effigies"

Artist Tony Oursler is known for what he refers to as his "electronic effigies," which employ disembodied faces and voices projected onto sculptural forms. Oursler…

January 2015
Vito Acconci wants revolution

Artist Vito Acconci examines the arc of his career over the past four decades. He reflects on why he began using video to capture his provocative solo performances, and explains…

January 2015
Hans Haacke on fighting the establishment

A pioneer of institutional critique, artist Hans Haacke creates conceptual works that aim to expose the connections between money, art, and politics. Haacke recounts the…

January 2015
In the backyard with Peter Campus

Inspired in part by his studies of experimental psychology, artist Peter Campus explores human interactions in his work. Campus describes the historical, technological, and…

December 2014
Abelardo Morell explains his process of working with a camera obscura

Artist Abelardo Morell reimagines scenery by turning entire rooms into camera obscuras — effectively merging interior and exterior spaces — and then photographing the…

December 2014
Liz Deschenes on her camera-less photography practice

Artist Liz Deschenes explains her laborious techniques for creating large-scale photograms at night. Each resulting artwork visually captures its index — the light, weather,…

December 2014
Alison Rossiter gives old photography papers new life

Artist Alison Rossiter creates imagery by developing expired photographic paper to reveal subtle exposures made through the passing of time. She discusses a variety of treatments…

December 2014
Barbara Bosworth on using a "slow look" to photograph birds

Photographer Barbara Bosworth describes the emergence and development of her interest in capturing birds with her large-format, 8x10-inch view camera. Recalling time spent looking…

November 2014
Susan Meiselas on "the ethics of seeing"

Susan Meiselas reflects on her experiences photographing civil wars in Nicaragua and El Salvador from the late 1970s through the 1980s, telling often graphic and disturbing stories…

November 2014
In the galleries with Markus Schinwald

Artist Markus Schinwald explains the "room prosthesis" installation he created at the Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts as part of Markus Schinwald, an exhibition…

November 2014
  • Markus Schinwald
John Baldessari on using photography in his work

Artist John Baldessari recounts the epiphany that led him from painting to photography-based work and his subsequent mission to exhibit in fine art galleries — rather than…

October 2014
Jim Melchert on his slide projection Changing Walls

Artist Jim Melchert describes the creation of Changing Walls in 1971 with the participation of fellow Bay Area conceptual artist Howard Fried. The piece features a sequence of 80…

September 2014
John Baldessari explains his "strange mind"

Artist John Baldessari discusses his interest in challenging conventional modes of visual communication. Beginning with his practice of eliminating visually relevant information…

September 2014
Sophie Calle on her series The Hotel

Artist Sophie Calle reflects on the voyeuristic fascination with the lives of others that inspired The Hotel, a project she created in the early 1980s while posing as a chambermaid…

August 2014
Mel Bochner transforms a wall with chalk

Artist Mel Bochner reflects on the moment he first began to work with blue carpenter's chalk on the walls of his studio and discusses his use of the wall itself as a medium.…

August 2014
  • Mel Bochner
Sophie Calle on becoming an artist

Artist Sophie Calle recounts her undirected and serendipitous path to becoming an artist, beginning with a chance stay at a photographer's home in Bolinas, California, and an…

July 2014
Ewan Gibbs on his San Francisco drawings

Artist Ewan Gibbs discusses the techniques he used to create San Francisco, a suite of drawings commissioned by SFMOMA in 2009. During a visit to California in 2008 he took hundreds…

July 2014
Visual Activism symposium: Jerome Reyes, Nine Yamamoto-Masson, and Srinivas Aditya Mopidevi

Artist Jerome Reyes, artist and scholar Nine Yamamoto-Masson, and curator and scholar Srinivas Aditya Mopidevi present a performance lecture as part of the Networked Activism panel…

March 2014
Visual Activism symposium: Carlos Motta

Artist Carlos Motta presents the keynote address at the Visual Activism symposium, Brava Theater Center, San Francisco, March 14, 2014.

March 2014
Visual Activism symposium: Gran Fury

Avram Finkelstein and Robert Vazquez-Pacheco, members of the Gran Fury collective, present on the Queer Tactics panel at the Visual Activism symposium, Brava Theater Center, San…

March 2014
Visual Activism symposium: Lisa Parks

Lisa Parks, author and professor of film and media studies at UC Santa Barbara, presents on the Networked Activism panel at the Visual Activism symposium, Brava Theater Center, San…

March 2014
Visual Activism symposium: Shannon Jackson and Tina Takemoto

Shannon Jackson, director of the Arts Research Center and professor of rhetoric and of theater, dance and performance studies at UC Berkeley, and Tina Takemoto, writer, artist,…

March 2014
Visual Activism symposium: Jeff Derksen and Sabine Bitter

Jeff Derksen and Sabine Bitter, members of the Urban Subjects cultural research collective, present as part of the Conflict Zones panel at the Visual Activism symposium, Brava…

March 2014