Kay Sekimachi Oral History Animation

San Francisco native Kay Sekimachi is a pioneer in the revitalization of fiber arts and weaving as a method of artistic expression. A “weaver’s weaver,” Sekimachi is inspired by the shapes, forms, and colors stemming from her Japanese heritage, and what she learned from artist Chiura Obata when both were living in a Japanese internment camp. In this animated short of her oral history, she invites us to follow the threads of the cultural influences and historical moments that led her to the loom.

Interview audio courtesy of Japanese American National Museum and Archives of American Art.

Animation Credits:

Director: Rae Xiang

3D Animators: Sabine Birk Larsen, Olivia Petersson, Rae Xiang

Cel Animators: Malin Eriksson, Than Loedsatien, Olivia Petersson

Original Music: Bryan Stage

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