William Scott Praise Frisco

Witness the creation of Praise Frisco: Peace and Love in the City as documented by Creative Growth staff, highlighting artist William Scott’s optimistic vision of San Francisco through his painting. Follow the process as Scott’s imagined urban landscape takes form in his Bay Area Walls mural, providing a glimpse into his creative process.

Special Thanks:

Creative Growth Executive Director: Tom di Maria
Creative Growth Staff: Erin Mendez
Creative Growth Artist Facilitator: Héctor Muñoz-Guzmán
Creative Growth Artist Services Language & Access Aide: Emma Peyton
Creative Growth Studio Instructor: Julie Plasencia
Creative Growth Director of Marketing & Communications: Ibby Saso
ASL Interpreter: Suzanne Sattergren
William Scott’s Mother: Edna Lee Arterberry
William Scott’s Niece: Shanea Gordon
SFMOMA Curatorial Assistant of Painting and Sculpture: Auriel Garza
SFMOMA Associate Curator of Painting and Sculpture: Jenny Gheith
SFMOMA Associate Curator of Painting and Sculpture: Nancy Lim

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