From corporate to private,
we have lots of experience.

Photo: Nikkia Margaret Hall


The SFMOMA Artists Gallery places artwork in spaces throughout the Bay Area, from corporate offices to private residences. Take a look at some of our past successes.

  • A sunlit room displays an artwork on loan from the Artists Gallery

    Featured artwork: John Martin, photographs from series In Character, and Ari Salomon, Motion Study #8848 (The Red Line), 2010

  • An artwork from the Artists Gallery hangs over a red couch

    Featured artwork: Tara Gill, Sweet Potato Leaves #4 and Angel’s Trumpet Flowers, 2014

  • Insurance office with artwork displayed on loan from SFMOMA Artists Gallery.

    Featured artwork: Angela Johal, Emanations No. 4, 6, and 10, 2014

  • Sitting area displaying a geometric painting over the couch

    Featured artwork: Kevin Bean, G & C (10.0928), 2010

  • An artwork from the Artists Gallery hangs in a sitting area

    Featured artist: Jenn Shifflet, Equipose, 2005

  • View of a painting hanging in a lobby

    Featured artwork: Jessica Dunne, Urban Uprising, 2001

  • A woman sits behind a white reception desk in a white office with two artworks hanging on the walls behind her

    Featured artwork: Carol Inez Charney, EOM 1, 2009

  • Financial office reception area with paintings hanging on the walls.
    Featured artwork: Mirang Wonne, Silence, Whisper & Light (Diptych), 2008, and Moonlight Mist, 2007