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Robert Petersen and Robert Rauschenberg at work on a Hoarfrost Edition

Related to Sand (Hoarfrost Edition), 1974

Robert Petersen (left) and Robert Rauschenberg (right) prepare to create a Hoarfrost Edition by placing newspapers on a press bed. Photo: Daniel B. Freeman, ca. 1974

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To achieve the transfer of newsprint images onto the main fabric of Sand (Hoarfrost Edition), Rauschenberg and the master printers at Gemini G.E.L. crumpled newspaper pages and laid them on the fabric before rolling each print through the press. In this photo Rauschenberg and Robert Petersen prepare the surface of one impression.

In order to ensure that every print in the edition of 30 would include imprints of the same pages and images, Rauschenberg purchased numerous copies of the same newspaper issue. However, because the newspapers were crumpled in the process of producing these impressions and the wrinkled paper responded differently on each pass of the press, there are slight variations from print to print.

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