Connecting People to the Art of Our Time

At the heart of SFMOMA’s mission is a commitment to connecting people to the art of our time. Utilizing 2022–2023 data, this dashboard is meant to provide a transparent and interactive view into the museum’s progress to engage a broader audience; diversify our collections, visitors, board, and staff; and prioritize our strategic goals:

Learn more about SFMOMA’s Artist Identity Program, launched in 2020.

Read more about SFMOMA’s commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Take a virtual tour of our 2021–22 Staff Art Show, which celebrates the ingenuity and talent of our many artist-colleagues.

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2022-23 Notes

  1. SFMOMA’s dashboard will continually evolve to reflect work in progress.
  2. Starting with our fiscal year 2020–2021 Dashboard, SFMOMA began taking a holistic, consistent approach on the methods and terminology used to capture data pertaining to identity factors. After soliciting input from staff and consultants, we implemented a new multi-factor, inclusive survey approach to data collection.
  3. Identity data collected for SFMOMA living artists, board, staff, and visitors for 2022–2023 is 100% self-reported, multi-factor, and reflects a more inclusive set of identity factor descriptors than the 2019–20 Dashboard.
  4. 2022–23 identity data for deceased artists was acquired through public record research and remains single-factor.
  5. SFMOMA’s dashboard is established in part as a tool for goal setting and establishing time-based milestones for diversity metrics. Learn more about our DEI strategic goals.
  6. Link here to SFMOMA’s fiscal year 2021–2022 Dashboard.
  7. Link here to SFMOMA’s fiscal year 2020–2021 Dashboard.
  8. View a PDF record of SFMOMA’s fiscal year 2019–2020 Dashboard