Text by Bill Fontana on Total Eclipse, SE Australia, October 23, 1976, 1976 (detail); photo: courtesy the artist

Special Event

Bill Fontana: Total Eclipse

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Monday, August 21, 2017

11:30 a.m.

On the historic occasion of the Great American Eclipse, SFMOMA offers an evocative listening experience — the sounds of a remote rainforest during a total eclipse of the sun. Be transported as a multitude of birds and other wildlife respond to the changing light before and after the anticipated climax of total darkness. The artist Bill Fontana, whose work is currently on view in Soundtracks, made this early field recording for the Australian Broadcasting Commission over forty years ago. Don’t miss the chance to experience the first public U.S. presentation of Total Eclipse, SE Australia, October 23rd, 1976 (1976) in SFMOMA’s Phyllis Wattis Theater through its immersive Meyer Sound Cinema Surround System.


Bill Fontana

Total Eclipse, SE Australia, October 23rd, 1976 (1976)

Audio: 31 min.

Collection SFMOMA

Organized by the Department of Media Arts.