Hiba Khodr in Q. Jude Chehab, Q, 2023 (still)

Centerpiece Documentary: Q

Part of CAAMFest 2024

Saturday, May 11, 2024

2:20 p.m.

Floor 1, Phyllis Wattis Theater

$20 General Admission
$18 Senior/Student/Person with Disability
Tickets can be purchased on the CAAMFest website

An intimate and haunting portrayal of a quest for love and acceptance at any cost, Q depicts the influences of a clandestine matriarchal religious order in Lebanon on three generations of women in the Chehab family. Filmmaker Jude Chehab (2020 CAAM Fellow) potently documents the unspoken ties and consequences of loyalty that have bonded her mother, grandmother, and herself to the mysterious organization. A masterful portrait of the toll that decades of unrequited love, lost hope, abuse, and despair takes on a person. According to Chehab, “Q is a question, and it is a question which transcends the lens of its subject; like looking through a keyhole into a wide expanse beyond; it opens and frames at heart a profound exploration of love, loss, faith and obsession.”

Expected Guest in Attendance: Director Jude Chehab

Film Details

Director: Jude Chehab
Year: 2023
Running time: 93 min., 30 min Q&A
Country/Region: United States
Language: Arabic, English