Client 4.1: California Slender Salamander

Sunday, July 06, 2008, 11:00 a.m.

Koret Visitor Education Center

Architect and artist Fritz Haeg brings his latest interdisciplinary project to San Francisco for a month of workshops and events. Debuting at the 2008 Whitney Biennial, Animal Estates creates model dwellings for animals that are unwelcome or have been displaced by humans. As animal habitats dwindle, Animal Estates proposes their reintroduction into our cities, strip malls, office parks, and front yards.

The workshops will feature presentations by local experts on each of the animal clients, plus animal-related sound, movement, writing, and garment-making activities. Instructions on how to build the homes yourself will be distributed via postcards and the web. A geodesic tent in the museum's Koret Center will serve as Animal Estates' San Francisco headquarters.

Presentation and model home building with Michelle Koo, California Academy of Sciences; garment-making workshop with Feral Childe. This program is also a special Family Studio session.

In this workshop, participants will create salamander-inspired garments as well as garments inspired by salamander friends and habitats. At the end of the workshop, participants can be photographed in their costumes. Costumes, photographs, and other elements can be left on display in Animal Estates' San Francisco headquarters in the museum's Koret Center. All museum visitors are invited to stop by and see the great work on view.