Aura Satz, Entangled Nightvisions, 2017 (still)


Sunday Film Pass

Saturday, June 9, 2018

5 p.m.

Program 8: no other (the universe has its ways)

Michael Robinson, Onward Lossless Follows, 2017 (still)

Program 8 will feature artists Dianna Barrie, Michael Robinson, Takahiro Suzuki and Richard Tuohy in attendance.

“Films on human frailty and human strength, on resilience — physical, emotional, and spiritual. Films on going with the flow and swimming against the tide. Theories of parallel worlds are presented; indeterminate states of matter and existence are contemplated and proffered. Password protected love affairs. Is there help in the stars? How much light do we see? The universe has its ways.”

— San Francisco Cinematheque


Blinding and Blending (2018) by Dianna Barrie and Richard Tuohy

Water/Mist/Fire/Off (2017) by Youngzoo Im

Entry Note (2018) by Saul Levine

Solstice (2017) by Lydia Moyer

Onward Lossless Follows (2017) by Michael Robinson

The Crack-Up (2017) by Jonathan Schwartz

Schrödinger’s Cat Part I (2017) by Takahiro Suzuki

Program 9: staring at the sun (we bite the shadow)

Colectivo los ingrávidos, The Sun Quartet, part 2: San Juan River, 2017 (still)

Program 9 will feature representatives of Colectivo los ingrávidos in attendance.

“Colectivo los ingrávidos’ Sun Quartet is a solar composition in four movements, a political composition in four natural elements addressing the 2014 disappearance of forty-three students of Iguala, including ruminations on the prelude and aftermath of this devastating and galvanizing national event; a perceptive experience of the current Mexican war and an assertive series of intensely visual cine-poems. CROSSROADS Program 9 includes the Quartet’s concluding three parts (NOTE that The Sun Quartet, part 1 opens CROSSROADS on June 8) as well as films of dark tropical visions, appropriated fútbol mascots and the looming specter of Bitcoin.”

— San Francisco Cinematheque


Tupianas (2016) by Marcos Bonisson and Khalil Charif

The Sun Quartet, part 2: San Juan River; The Sun Quartet, part 3: Conflagration and The Sun Quartet, part 4: November 2//Far from Ayotzinapa (2017) by Colectivo los ingrávidos

Jícaro (2016) by Rosa John

Intertropical Vision (2018) by Adriana Vila Guevara

7FF on¢idia (2016) by Ж

Program 10: use yr illusion

Kit Young and Brian Pedersen, Solo Trumpet, 2017 (still)

Program 10 will feature representatives Dianna Barrie, Alison Nguyen, Brian Pedersen, Richard Tuohy, Kit Young in attendance.

CROSSROADS concludes with a program of clashing visions of techno-determinate hubris, mediated oppression, and the possibilities of rapturous escape into noise, light and the ecstasies of the analog. Technophobia meets technophilia in the dystopian present. Crowds gather, flowers bloom and electrons flow as the tides of resistance rise.


The Falling Sky (2017) by Peggy Ahwesh

3 Peonies (2017) by Stephanie Barber

China Not China (2018) by Dianna Barrie and Richard Tuohy

Another Void (2012) by Paul Clipson

Wasteland No. 1: Ardent, Verdant (2017) by Jodie Mack

The Forcing (No. 2) (2015) by Lydia Moyer

you can’t plan a perfect day sometimes it just happens (2017) by Alison Nguyen

Solo Trumpet (2017, projection performance) by Kit Young and Brian Pedersen

Program 7: edgeless things communicate

“Speculative films on indeterminacy, quantum entanglement,
physics, biology, the spiritual nature of light (and dark) the nature of
inquiry (scientific and otherwise), and belief in myriad forms. Subjects bear
witness, provide testimony, ponder evidence. Cinematic questing on philosophy
and states of being, matter and energy. Complex bodies come into being.”

— San Francisco Cinematheque


内共生 (Inside the Shared Life) (2017) by Erin Espelie

Ears, Nose and Throat (2016) and IFO (2017) by Kevin Jerome Everson

Entangled Nightvisions (2017) by Aura Satz

FUGUE, A Light’s Travelogue (2017) by Els van Riel