Yoko Ono, MEND PIECE, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art version, 1966/2021 (installation view from What Matters: A Proposition in Eight Rooms at SFMOMA, 2023); collection SFMOMA; Artwork ©️ Yoko Ono; photo: Don Ross
Hands-On Activities

Mend with Love

Related Exhibition What Matters: A Proposition in Eight Rooms

Thursday, Sept 7, 2023

5–8 p.m.

Multiple Locations

Free with museum admission.

This event takes place on a First Thursday, when museum admission is free for Bay Area residents.

Join us for a series of activations, demonstrations, and workshops inspired by Yoko Ono’s participatory work MEND PIECE, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art version (1966/2021), which invites visitors to sit together at a table and discover their own means of repairing broken ceramic cups and saucers. From 5 p.m.-8 p.m, in addition to participating in MEND PIECE, visitors will have the opportunity to interact with activations by artists Ramekon O’Arwisters and Austen Zombres, as well as local community organizations SCRAP and The Bike Kitchen. Each project will help us explore the concept of mending, from personal to physical manifestations of repair. In the words of Ono, “Mend with wisdom, mend with love. It will mend the earth at the same time.”

About the Activations

Flat Tire Repair Workshop

Howard Street Corridor, Floor 1 (outdoors)

The Bike Kitchen activates the Roberts Family breezeway just outside of the Diego Rivera mural! Come by the flat tire repair station, where you can refresh or learn to change a tube, find a puncture, or patch one up.

Mend with SCRAP!

Helen and Charles Schwab Hall, Floor 2

Visibly mend your clothing with SCRAP! In the spirit of Yoko Ono’s MEND PIECE, our SCRAP artists and designers will help you explore mending clothes with scissors, glue, and tape. You don’t need special materials to breathe new life into clothes — just household supplies! Bring your own garments or mend SCRAP fabric (supplies limited).

Crochet Jam

Gina and Stuart Peterson White Box, Floor 4

Founded by Ramekon O’Arwisters, Crochet Jam is a community arts project infused with folk art traditions that foster creative culture in cooperative relationships. By crocheting strips of fabric into free-form and organic soft sculptures, Crochet Jam fosters social interaction, creativity, and liberation while providing opportunities for play, experimentation, and for the material to transform naturally without any expectations or attempt to control the outcome. Participants become a conduit for the transformation of the material without resistance, whether you like what you see or not; just crochet, and calmly observe without judgment or critique.

Hand-Cut Recycled Collage

Gina and Stuart Peterson White Box, Floor 4

Austen Zombres invites you to bring a single piece of colored cardboard and add to his 10+ year collection! Dive deep into the concepts behind his practice of archiving and reusing consumer by-products to create something completely beautiful and new.