Tracy Fullerton, Walden, a game (still); photo: courtesy USC Game Innovation Lab


Walden Playthrough

Walden, a game is an open-ended, dynamic game that invites players into the world of noted American author and philosopher Henry David Thoreau. Designed by Tracy Fullerton at USC’s Game Innovation Lab, Walden, a game encourages users to explore the New England wilderness and undertake experiments in self-reliant living — much like Thoreau did in the summer of 1845.

During this six-hour playthrough event, the game will be projected onto the walls of the Gina and Stuart Peterson White Box. Visitors are welcome to sign up and play, or relax, reflect, and take in the subtle, mesmerizing environment that Tracy Fullerton has created.

Following this event, Tracy Fullerton will join game designer Rod Humble and PlaySFMOMA initiative creator Erica Gangsei in conversation. Learn more.

PlaySFMOMA is a museum initiative that explores the potential of games as an emerging expressive medium and participatory mode of visitor engagement.