Jamilah Sabur, Playing Possum, 2012


Program 1: sea to shining sea (we are stuck on this rock)

Friday, May 19, 2017

7 p.m.

The CROSSROADS festival opening program presents restless views of the new American century. Silenced voices of resistance speak across the rising tides and howling winds. Resilient speculative futures emerge from the dystopian present.

—San Francisco Cinematheque


Birth of a Nation (2017) by Jem Cohen

Distant Shores (2016) by Christopher Harris

Colour My World (2017) by Mike Hoolboom

The Two Sights (2015) by Katherin McInnis

Playing Possum (2012) by Jamilah Sabur

H-E-L-L-O (2014) by Cauleen Smith

Sine at the Canyon Sine at the Sea by Kelly Gabron (2016) by Cauleen Smith

Restless (2016) by Robert Todd

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