Jessica Bardsley, The Making and Unmaking of the Earth, 2017 (still)


Program 1: staring at the sun: sunstones bloom

Friday, June 8, 2018

7 p.m.

Program 1 will feature artists Jon Behrens, Lachlan Turczan, and representatives of Colectivo los ingrávidos in attendance.

“CROSSROADS 2018 opens with a program of solar visions and earthbound meditations on the long and short of infinity. Atomic waste storage and personalized experience of trauma are realized in manmade and natural geological structures. The vertiginous scope of planetary time clashes with the urgencies of the here and now. Eternity of the flicker of a frame. program includes part 1 of Colectivo los ingrávidos’ Sun Quartet (which concludes in Program 9.)”

— San Francisco Cinematheque


Bending to Earth (2015) by Rosa Barba

The Making and Unmaking of the Earth (2017) by Jessica Bardsley

a Film Containing Trees (2017) by Jon Behrens

The Sun Quartet, part 1: Sun Stone/Piedra de Sol (2017) by Colectivo los ingrávidos

Ramona (2016) by Susan DeLeo

Xun (2017) and Lang (2017, double projection) by Lichun Tseng

Cymatic Sun (2014, projection performance) by Lachlan Turczan

House and Universe (2015) by Antoinette Zwirchmayr