Azin Seraj, Prima Materia, 2015


Program 3: a great unknown called trust

Saturday, May 20, 2017

1:45 p.m.

Films presented in consideration of closeness and distances, spiritual grace, of intimacies expressed and longed for. Desires for connection are whispered, dreams lamented. Films as love letters sent across space and time. Considerations of the soul — whispered, howled, unspoken, and sung.

—San Francisco Cinematheque


Idyll (2014) by Mary Billyou

Feeler (2016) by Paul Clipson

025 Sunset Red (2016) by Laida Lertxundi

See a Dog, Hear a Dog (2016) by Jesse McLean

Blue Movie (2015) by Michael A. Morris

Prima Materia (2015) by Azin Seraj

2076 (Elegy) (2016) by Karly Stark

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