Simon Liu and Warren Ng, Highview, 2017 (still)


Program 6: endless nameless (chaos is the future)

Saturday, June 9, 2018

8 p.m.

Program 6 will feature artists Simon Liu and Warren Ng in attendance.

“Shutter-induced visions confound, overreach, and dissipate. Films as overflowing boxes of coagulated speed, color, and contrast. Confusion in slow motion; eclipses and occlusions. The mechanisms of memory evoke the future. Time moves in all directions (and sometimes not at all). Program features an extended and extrapolated portrait of musician Thom AJ. MadsoN (Assajan Jakgawan). Live quad-projection (in 16mm) by Simon Liu + live sound by Warren Ng (This Invitation) ring in our CROSSROADS Saturday night.”

— San Francisco Cinematheque


Saint Bathans Repetitions (2016) by Alexandre Larose

Note to Tesua (2018) by Saul Levine

Highview (2017, projection performance) by Simon Liu and Warren Ng

Confusion is Next (2018) by Pathompon Mont Tesprateep

Abound Box (2015) by Sheri Wills