Performance All Ages

Lucky Dragons: User Agreement

Oct 1–23, 2016

Throughout weekends in October, Performance All Ages presents User Agreement, a new work from Lucky Dragons, a collaborative duo comprising artists Sarah Rara and Luke Fischbeck. Join us to explore how we can use methods of peacemaking to create new possibilities for harmonious interaction. User Agreement unpacks and reimagines techniques of mediation, conflict resolution, and treaty making as live performances, workshops, and interventions throughout the museum.

For further research into technologies of peace, visit User Agreement. Discover new web-based artworks by Lucky Dragons including The Problem Solver, an audio piece that examines strategies for peacemaking; Accord, a scrolling treaty collection; and World Unanswered Question, an open and ongoing repository for questions that welcomes visitors to contribute a question.

“In 1945, representatives of fifty countries convened in the War Memorial Veterans Building — SFMOMA’s original home — to draft the United Nations Charter, imagining a global system of government designed to produce peace through consolidated power. During the month of October, we will work towards reverse engineering the technologies of peace — treaties, protocols, symbols and systems — in order to learn from what has already been invented, to repurpose and re-contextualize, to create new possibilities for interaction, and to fix existing bugs.” — Lucky Dragons

Performance All Ages brings newly commissioned, participatory artworks to intergenerational audiences and facilitates direct engagement with artists through workshops, gallery activations, and live performances. Three artists join SFMOMA for monthlong residencies each year. Keep an eye out for Cloud Eye Control in April 2017.