SFMOMA Artists Gallery Open Show SF

Thursday, August 21, 2014, 7:00 p.m.

SFMOMA Artists Gallery at Fort Mason

  • John Martin, Flash Dancer, 2007; photo courtesy the artist
  • Tara Gill, Family Patterns, 2014; photo courtesy the artist
  • Ari Salomon, Motion Study #8848 (The Red Line), 2010; photo courtesy the artist
  • Susan Hyde Greene, After the Storm, 2014; photo courtesy the artist
  • Kirk Crippens, Portraitlandia: Mary Kozlov, 2013; photo courtesy the artist

Open Show is a global movement of live events where the public can see compelling work and interact directly with photographers, filmmakers, and multimedia producers in high‐profile spaces.

This event details additional projects by each of the five artists whose works are part of the SFMOMA Artists Gallery exhibition How the Light Gets In. Just how the light "gets in" — the choice of camera, lens, and aperture, and the length of the exposure — is central to the creation of the photographic image, whether digital or film. These Bay Area artists use a range of techniques to allow light in, manipulating image exposure and printed product in a variety of ways and to diverse effect.