SMITHS: Arts & Skills Service: On the Front Lines, or Quaker Guns, Camouflage, and Queer Craft

Saturday, March 27, 2010, 1:00 p.m.

SMITHS, 356 24th Street, Oakland

In a Thursday evening conversation, Bryan-Wilson and Sethi take up the relationship between artistic innovation and military technology. Musing on camouflage and the Quaker Gun, a dummy armament meant to conceal weakness or draw away enemy fire, they weigh what happens when the seemingly useless work of art is suddenly made to function. They also consider how such aesthetic deceits get reclaimed by artists, especially in terms of queer culture. Continue the conversation by looking at hands-on support activities for soldiers today, including a blanket making class on Friday at SFMOMA and more blanket-making activities at the SMITHS storefront in Oakland on Saturday.


Julia Bryan-Wilson, director, Visual Studies, UC Irvine
Sanjit Sethi, chair, Community Arts, California College of the Arts