Peter Fischli and David Weiss, Snowman, 1987/2016 (installation view, SFMOMA); © the artists, courtesy Matthew Marks Gallery; photo: Mary Ellen Hawkins

Special Event

Peter Fischli + David Weiss’s Snowman

Don’t miss your chance to meet the Snowman!

Over the course of thirty years, Fischli and Weiss created a world of unexpected and playful films, photographs, videos, and sculptures. In this whimsical work, a life-size snowman—one of the oldest types of ordinary sculpture still made today—is created and preserved in a normally inhospitable environment, in this case, an outdoor sculpture terrace. The work, which is made as water condenses and freezes around a copper figure in a refrigerated case, explores tensions between the ephemeral and permanent, and the natural and artificial.

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