Dušan Makavejev, Sweet Movie, 1974 (still); photo: courtesy Janus Films


Sweet Movie

Friday, Feb 9, 2018

8:30 p.m.

Claire Denis, Second Assistant Director

“In Sweet Movie, described by its maker as ‘a pulsating film essay on human sensuality,’ anti-heroine Miss World 1984 travels with a rich Canadian called Mr. Kapital, while the proletarian Capt. Anna Planeta, skipper of the barge Survival, finds happiness in a bed of sugar with the Sailor from the Potemkin…But why talk plot? In the film’s most extreme illustration of the joys of personal catharsis and organic communalism, Miss World finds a group therapy collective whose members engage in various regressive behaviors, from twirling feces on a platter to bathing in chocolate.

For mature audiences only.

Film Details

Country: France
Languages: English, French, Polish, Spanish, Italian
Year: 1974
Running time: 98 min
Format: DVD
Director: Dušan Makavejev
Screenwriters: France Gallagher, Dusan Makavejev, Martin Malina
Producers: Richard Hellman, Vincent Malle
Cinematographer: Pierre Lhomme
Editor: Yann Dedet
Source: Janus Films

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