Agnès Varda, The Young Girls Turn 25, 1993 (still); image: courtesy Janus Films

The Young Girls Turn 25

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In 1993, two years after Demy’s death, Agnès Varda returned to Rochefort to document the town’s twenty-fifth anniversary celebration of The Young Girls of Rochefort, and to explore the effect that the film had on the town and its citizens. The result is the documentary The Young Girls Turn 25, in which Varda interviews present-day townspeople who lived in Rochefort during the production of Demy’s film, as well as several of the film’s stars. The documentary provides illuminating behind-the-scenes footage that Varda shot in 1966 during filming, and which she also narrates. In this homage to Demy’s beloved The Young Girls of Rochefort, we are privy to Varda’s grieving process and her nostalgia for a happier time. The Young Girls Turn 25 is ultimately a celebration of a great cinematic work, offering a deeply personal, often joyous, account of its creation.

Film Details

Director: Agnès Varda

Year: 1993

Running time: 65 minutes

Country: France

Format: Digital Cinema Package

Source: Janus Films

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