Eisa Jocson, Death of a Pole Dancer; photo: Andreas Endermann


Three Works from Eisa Jocson

Galería de la Raza

From pole to macho dancing, Eisa Jocson investigates the labor and representations of the dancing body in the service industry, and exposes gender formation, seduction politics, and the structure of Filipino social mobility.

Join us on Friday and Saturday for a double billing of Death of a Pole Dancer and Macho Dancer. Death of a Pole Dancer will begin at 8 p.m. at Galería de la Raza. At intermission the audience will take a ten minute walk to the Grey Area Foundation for the Arts for Macho Dancer.

Join us on Sunday at ODC Dance Commons in Studio B for the North American premiere of Jocson’s Host. This piece visits the hostess clubs of Tokyo, where Filipino female and transgender hostesses engage in ‘affective labor’ by performing a version of femininity that caters to Japanese salary men.

Presented in collaboration with CounterPulse.