Utopian Cookout

Related Exhibition The Utopian Impulse

Friday, June 15, 2012, 11:30 a.m.

The Schwab Room

Join us for a cookout-style lunch break at SFMOMA! In conjunction with The Utopian Impulse: Buckminster Fuller and the Bay Area, we celebrate Buckminster Fuller, the innovative designer and visionary whose ideas inspired Bay Area endeavors informed by ecology and sustainability, including the geodesic dome and the camp tent as we know it today. Available for purchase will be a special menu served up by Sweet Jo's Chili and Biscuits, Buckminster Fuller – inspired hexagon s'mores by Blue Bottle Coffee Co., and food and drink from Caffè Museo.

You can also enjoy a large dome installation and the 1967 film Buckminster Fuller Meets the Hippies in Golden Gate Park, which eavesdrops on a conversation between Fuller and a group of free-spirited people assembled on Hippie Hill in Golden Gate Park. Taking place at the height of the counterculture movement in the late 1960s, the archival footage witnesses a compelling exchange of ideas about utopian aspirations.