2022 SECA Art Award Exhibition

December 17, 2022–May 29, 2023

Floor 2

The 2022 SECA Art Award Exhibition is free, along with all Floor 2 galleries, through May 29, 2023!

The 2022 SECA Art Award Exhibition celebrates Bay Area artists Binta Ayofemi, Maria A. Guzmán Capron, Cathy Lu, Marcel Pardo Ariza, and Gregory Rick. Each artist fills a different Floor 2 gallery with new, site-specific work showcasing their distinctive and exciting practices.

Ayofemi retunes the museum through material interventions and activations culminating in an immersive installation within the Floor 2 Learning Lounge to illuminate the influence of Black abstraction. The project expands her work with urban spaces to highlight Black and Indigenous presence and legacies of Black joy.

Constructed from a vibrant patchwork of hand-sewn textiles and applied paint, Guzmán Capron’s three-dimensional giantess descends from the ceiling and invites us into her dreamscape, where a series of powerful and vulnerable figures exist in a perpetual state of transformation.

Inspired by Nüwa, a Chinese creation goddess, Lu’s installation cascades from the ceiling in garlands of long-nailed hands and corner-store fruits, all deftly shaped from clay. The work extends Lu’s interest in manipulating Chinese cultural references to deconstruct assumptions about Asian American identity.

Pardo Ariza will honor Bay Area trans leaders in photographic portraits that appropriate Catholic altarpieces featuring saints. Exploring the relationship between kinship and queerness, the tender images hang on walls saturated with color and jeweled patterns.

Rick’s large-scale paintings depict complex scenes of racial conflict and community with vibrant, layered imagery. Figures battle, protest, and commune across canvases exploring the 1992 LA Riots, Black incarceration in the U.S., and other endemic cultural issues that remain fiercely relevant.

Since 1967, SECA has honored recipients of the SECA Art Award with an exhibition at SFMOMA and an accompanying publication. The award distinguishes Bay Area artists whose work has not, at the time of nomination, been accorded substantial recognition from a major institution. Recipients are chosen by SFMOMA curators after a series of studio visits attended by SECA members.


Exhibition Preview

Cathy Lu, Resurgence, 2022 (installation view, SFMOMA); photo: Katherine Du Tiel
Maria A. Guzmán Capron, Mucho Mas (foreground), Eros (background), and Luna (background) from the installation Respira Hondo, 2022 (installation view, SFMOMA); photo: Katherine Du Tiel
Gregory Rick, Trap, 2022; courtesy San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; photo: Glen Cheriton, Impart Photography
Binta Ayofemi, Continuum (Session 1): REHEARSAL, August 18-27, 2022; courtesy the artist; commissioned by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; photo: Katherine du Tiel
Marcel Pardo Ariza, I am Very Lucky, Very Lucky to be Trans, 2022 (installation view, SFMOMA); photo: Katherine Du Tiel

Major support for the 2022 SECA Art Award is provided by Diana Nelson and John Atwater.

Generous support is provided by Mary Jane Elmore, Katie Hall and Tom Knutsen, SECA (Society for the Encouragement of Contemporary Art), an SFMOMA art experience group, and Carlie Wilmans.

SECA Community support is provided by Len and Holly Auerbach, Heidy Braverman and David Skinner, Lizelle and Martin Green, Cynthia Loukides and Paul Harrison, Kirsten Malone and Colin Chapman, David Saxe, and Lizanne and Ben Suter.