New Work

Phil Collins
September 16, 2006–January 21, 2007

British artist Phil Collins has made work in conflicted geopolitical sites around the world, including Baghdad, Belfast, Bogotá, and Ramallah, creating nuanced representations of people and places. In a departure from much documentary and site-specific practice, Collins engages politics and pop culture in tandem, often soliciting the participation of the communities in which he works. His video installation dünya dinlemiyor (Turkish for “the world won’t listen”) features young people in Istanbul performing karaoke versions of songs by the 1980s band The Smiths. Within the politically fraught context of Istanbul, The Smiths’ melancholic pop takes on new poignancy, asking us to listen to what the rest of the world won’t. Collins is a nominee for the 2006 Turner Prize.

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The New Work series is organized by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and is generously supported by Collectors Forum, the founding patron of the series. Major funding is also provided by Mimi L. Haas, Nancy and Steven H. Oliver, Robin Wright, and the Betlach Family Foundation.

Exhibition Preview

An image of a man's wet face
A man with one arm raised above his head and the other holding a mic, wearing an open button down that exposes his chest, standing in front of a backdrop showing a landscape with moutains and trees.
Two women, one holding a mic, standing in front of a landscape backdrop

New Work: Phil Collins (installation view, SFMOMA), 2007

New Work: Phil Collins (installation view, SFMOMA), 2007

New Work: Phil Collins (installation view, SFMOMA), 2007