Points of Departure II

Connecting with Contemporary Art
November 17, 2001–June 9, 2002

Rather than displaying works of art as they are most often presented to the public — chronologically, biographically, geographically, or by art historical movements — Points of Departure II presents artwork along unconventional, thematic lines. Each of the groupings, or “points of departure,” emphasizes a particular artistic approach or formal question that has emerged from the curators’ observations about the choices artists make as well as questions visitors have about contemporary art. Each theme is presented in a succinct, single-gallery exposition that includes some of the Museum’s most celebrated artworks, including a number of recent acquisitions.

Points of Departure II: Connecting with Contemporary Art is organized by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

This exhibition is sponsored by Accenture.

Anselm Kiefer, Osiris und Isis (Osiris and Isis), 1985-87; Collection SFMOMA