Scrappy Chair Challenge

June 15–June 25, 2023
Floor 6, City Gallery

Conversation Pieces: Contemporary Furniture in Dialogue assembles 45 works of contemporary furniture that spark dialogue by prioritizing concept over function. All works in the exhibition might be considered postindustrial, addressing concerns about mid-twentieth-century mass production by reintroducing craft and handmade elements, or emphasizing sustainability and recycled materials. In this spirit, the Scrappy Chair Challenge invited artists, designers, and makers to join these conversations or start a new one! Provided with scrap materials from past exhibitions, five winners will each build a unique chair, on view at SFMOMA during the final days of Conversation Pieces in the adjacent gallery on Floor 6.

Winning Designs

Eddie Aye, Chair in C Minor, 2023
Jeremiah Barber, Cnidarian Stool, Medusa Phase, 2023
Lauren DiCioccio, Hewing Gum, 2023
Sofía Galán, Dividido (“Divided”), 2023
Yvonne Mouser, Pyrophyte, 2023


While we did not have enough materials for more than five chairs, we are so grateful for the time, creativity, and ingenuity that went into all 133 entries we received! Below are ten of the top submissions that were not selected to be fabricated, but deserve recognition nonetheless.

Stephen Gulau, Copy-Paste, 2023
Lutz Hornischer, Intimate Conversation, 2023
Jason Kelly Johnson, Bloom, 2023
Gabriel Koren, Waste Not, Want Not, 2023
10th Floor Studio (Jerome Tavé and Kyle Lawson), Free Wood, 2023
Natasha Loewy and Owen Takabayashi, Sawdust Chair, 2023
Robin Marich, Woodchuck, 2023
Hüma Sahin, Precarious, 2023
Rodney Solis, Crate Chair, 2023
Stuart Weisberg, Trophy chair, 2023