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Join SFMOMA’s Awe-Inspiring Artistic Community at Art Bash—Our Most Spectacular Party of the Year—on April 19

Featuring Art Installations by Marilyn Minter, Woody De Othello and Sadie Barnette + a DJ Set by Toro y Moi and Performance by Amber Mark

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA (February 22, 2023; updated March 13, 2023)—The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) invites all art lovers to Art Bash, a spectacular party across the museum, celebrating trailblazing art and artists. This year’s Art Bash on April 19, 2023, honors the artist Marilyn Minter and features incredible artist-designed installations by Minter, Woody De Othello and Sadie Barnette. Partygoers also will experience a one-of-a-kind lineup of live performances and an array of food and beverage experiences.

SFMOMA’s not-to-be-missed event is spearheaded by Art Bash 2023 Host Committee members Kumasi Aaron, Azzurra Alliata, Sabrina Buell, Katie Colendich, Wes Mitchell, Brittany Pattner, Alexis Pence, Grace Salk and Neal Sarin. Art Bash funds SFMOMA’s much-loved education and family programs and community engagement events that benefit over 150,000 people every year, such as the popular First Thursdays, offering free admission for all Bay Area residents.


The 2023 Art Bash rolls out in multiple phases of celebration throughout the evening, beginning with the immersive dinner experience (6 p.m.), followed by the pre-party (7 p.m.), party (8 p.m.) and late-night party (10 p.m.). Dinner guests will hear from acclaimed artist Marilyn Minter. Marilyn Minter will also provide provocative and lushly textured art featured on wallpaper and projected on screens during the dinner. Minter’s thrilling and hyperrealist paintings and photographs explore the female body, glamour and notions of beauty from a feminist perspective.

Marilyn Minter, Orange Crush, 2009; courtesy of the artist and Regen Projects

Throughout the night, SFMOMA will burst to life with engaging encounters and surprising art experiences, including a performance by pop-R&B singer Amber Mark, a DJ set by Toro y Moi and immersive art installations by Bay Area artists Woody De Othello and Sadie Barnette. Duserock and DJ Umami will keep the music flowing and invite guests to dance late into the night.

Amber Mark; photo: Nelson Huang; Sadie Barnette; courtesy the artist

For the Art Bash pre-party, starting at 7 p.m., Oakland-based artist Woody De Othello will create a surreal and experiential jazz lounge across four galleries, including multiple bars and a performance art piece. A vinyl reproduction of a painting by Othello will serve as a feature wall welcoming guests as they enter the galleries.

Art Bash also marks the unveiling of Oakland-based artist Sadie Barnette’s The New Eagle Creek Saloon at SFMOMA, an installation that reimagines her father’s bar—the first Black-owned gay bar in San Francisco. The New Eagle Creek Saloon will feature a local DJ and performers from the Bay Area’s Black queer community as well as custom-designed coasters and a craft cocktail menu. While the original bar closed in 1993, Barnette’s installation acts as a site of celebration and resistance, embodying the slogan, “A friendly place, with a funky bass, for every race.” Public programs in Sadie Barnette’s The New Eagle Creek Saloon at SFMOMA will continue through May 11. More information may be found below or visit sfmoma.org.

To generate more excitement leading up to Art Bash, SFMOMA has commissioned local artists Rewina Beshue, Jeffrey Cheung and Simón Malvaez to design eye-catching event posters that will be wheat-pasted around San Francisco. In addition, each of the artists will create a large-scale photo backdrop in their own style for the big event.

Art Bash poster by Jeffrey Cheung; courtesy the artist Toro y Moi; photo: Chris Maggio


Tickets may be purchased at sfmoma.org/artbash.

Dinner Ticket, 6 p.m.–1 a.m. $3,000–$10,000 per guest; tables of 10 starting at $30,000

Pre-Party Ticket, 7 p.m.–1 a.m. $500 per guest

Party Ticket, 8 p.m.–1 a.m. $250 per guest

Late-Night Party Ticket, 10 p.m.–1 a.m. $95 per guest

For more information contact artbash@sfmoma.org or 415.618.3263.

Art Bash 2022 at SFMOMA; photo: Drew Altizer Photography


Art Bash Sponsors: AT&T, Bank of America, and Valentino

Official Media Sponsor: Modern Luxury, publisher of San Francisco and Silicon Valley Magazines

Official Coffee Sponsor: illy

Official Beer Sponsor: Fort Point Beer Company



Later this spring at SFMOMA, Sadie Barnette’s installation The New Eagle Creek Saloon will come to life with performances, storytelling and open “happy hours” for dancing and enjoying a drink. On Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays from April 22–May 11, 2023, visitors will be encouraged to interact with the immersive artwork, take a seat at the bar and flip through archival materials that offer connections to overlooked histories. The artist will convene a panel discussion featuring her father, Rodney Barnette—owner of the original bar and founder of the Compton chapter of the Black Panthers—reminiscing with former patrons of the bar. Additional public programs include a film screening by the curatorial collective The Black Aesthetic; an afternoon with Marvin K. White, Minister of Celebration at Glide Memorial Church; and a performance lecture by madison moore, an artist-scholar, DJ and assistant professor of Critical Studies in the Roski School of Art and Design at the University of Southern California. The grand finale will feature Oakland-based vocalist, songwriter and producer ASTU.


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