010101: Art in Technological Times

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Foreword by David A. Ross; essays by Aaron Betsky, Janet Bishop, Erik Davis, Kathleen Forde, Adrienne Gagnon, David Toop, John S. Weber, and Benjamin Weil

152 pages, 156 illustrations, 6 x 8 ¾ inches, softcover

Published in 2001

010101: Art in Technological Times charts developments in contemporary art, architecture, and design as they evolve in, and are influenced by, a world altered by the increasing presence of digital media and technology. Featuring work in a broad range of media by some 35 artists and designers — including pieces that engage directly with digital technology as well as those made with more traditional technologies — this publication explores the ontological shifts, the changes in social relationships, the evolution of aesthetic practices and narrative forms, the expression of our collective unease, and the ways that our essentially human need for beauty has infiltrated this environment of ones and zeros. Eight thematic essays and 34 entries focusing on individual works and practitioners provide an overview of the multifaceted artistic responses to a changing technological landscape at the turn of the twenty-first century.

Published on the occasion of the exhibition 010101: Art in Technological Times, held at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (March 3–July 8, 2001)

ISBN 091847163X (softcover)


Art in Technological Times

March 3—July 8, 2001


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