1996 SECA Art Award: D-L Alvarez, Anne Appleby, Barry McGee

1996 SECA Art Awards cover

Foreword by Loretta Lowrey; introduction by Gary Garrels; additional texts by Janet Bishop

20 pages, 7 x 10 ½ inches, hardcover with slipcase

Published in 1996

This volume highlights the work of the three recipients of the 1996 SECA Art Award, presented by the Society for the Engagement of Contemporary Art, an SFMOMA art experience group. The award honors exceptional local artists who have not yet received significant recognition from major institutions. D-L Alvarez examines the possibilities and impossibilities of the American dream as presented through our stories in intricate and elegiac drawings, films, and installations; Anne Appleby seeks to represent the structures of nature through monochromatic abstract works; and Barry McGee creates wall paintings and installations with roots in street art. Featuring an introduction by Gary Garrels and notes on the artists by Janet Bishop, this publication offers an engaging look at some of the most vigorous and compelling work being produced in the Bay Area toward the turn of the century.

Published on the occasion of the exhibition 1996 SECA Art Award: D-L Alvarez, Anne Appleby, and Barry McGee, held at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (September 12, 1996–January 7, 1997)

ISBN (hardcover with slipcase)