Glamour: Fashion + Industrial Design + Architecture

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Edited by Joseph Rosa

Foreword by Neal Benezra; introduction by Joseph Rosa; essays by Phil Patton, Virginia Postrel, Joseph Rosa, and Valerie Steele; additional contributions by Ruth Keffer

192 pages, 9 ½ x 11 ⅜ inches, hardcover

Published in 2004

“Sex appeal plus luxury plus elegance plus romance.”
—Margaret Farrand Thorp’s definition of glamour, from America at the Movies (1939)

As one of the most alluring yet elusive concepts in contemporary style, glamour is an ideal that permeates our visual culture. This volume examines — and radically revises — our understanding of glamour in the fields of fashion, industrial design, and architecture. Tracing glamour’s trajectory from Hollywood’s golden age to its more recent connotations of affluence, this lavishly illustrated publication presents a striking array of postwar couture, jewelry, automobiles, furniture, and built and unbuilt architecture — all of which share an affinity for richly decorative patterning, complex layering, and sumptuous materials.

Published in association with Yale University Press on the occasion of the exhibition Glamour: Fashion, Industrial Design, Architecture, held at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (October 9, 2004–January 17, 2005)

ISBN 0300106408 (hardcover)