Looking at Ourselves: Works by Women Artists from the Logan Collection

Foreword by David A. Ross; essay by Daniela Salvioni

28 pages, 7 ¾ x 9 inches, hardcover

Published in 1999

Looking at Ourselves presents twenty-two works by women artists that display a keen awareness of the self in all its variations and explore what it is like to be female. A striking range of artistic strategies and thematic concerns are revealed. Works by Cindy Sherman and Janine Antoni deal with dismembered or fetishized parts of the body; Jenny Holzer and Cady Noland focus on the psychological and sociological aspects of gender discourse. Daring, aggressive, and self-reflective, the pieces in this book illuminate what Daniela Salvioni identifies, in her introductory essay, as a paradigmatic shift in contemporary art toward a simultaneous expansion and recognition of female artists.

Published on the occasion of the exhibition Looking at Ourselves: Works by Women Artists from the Logan Collection, held at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (January 9–April 20, 1999)

ISBN 9780918471529 (hardcover)

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