Discussion Questions

Yosemite Falls, View from the Bottom, Yosemite

Carleton E. Watkins

May 2017

Carleton E. Watkins, Yosemite Falls, View from the Bottom, Yosemite, ca. 1878; gift of Helen and Charles Schwab through The Art Supporting Foundation

  1. Look at this photograph for a moment. What is the first thing you noticed about it? Why do you think you noticed what you did?
  2. How would you describe this photograph to someone who couldn’t see it?
  3. Where was the photographer standing to take this photograph? What is the effect of this point of view?
  4. If you could put yourself into this landscape, where would you stand? Why?
  5. What would it be like to be standing there? What would you hear? Smell? What would the environment feel like?
  6. If you have ever been to Yosemite or seen a waterfall, how does this photograph compare to your experience?

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