Discussion Questions

Landscapes for the Homeless #1

Anthony Hernandez

May 2017

Anthony Hernandez, Landscapes for the Homeless #1, 1988; San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Accessions Committee Fund purchase: gift of Collectors’ Forum, Susan and Robert Green, Evelyn Haas, and Pam and Dick Kramlich; © Anthony Hernandez

  1. What story do you see in this work of art? What do you see in the photograph that makes you say that?
  2. What emotions or mood/s are conveyed by this photograph? What do you see that makes you think that?
  3. Anthony Hernandez avoided including people in his photographs; instead, he focused on photographing their environments. What effect does the absence of people in this work have for you?
  4. Look closely at the title of this work. Why do you think it has this title?

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