Feminist Posters + Activist Graphics

from the Elizabeth Lapovsky Kennedy Collection

August 2022


“Over the years, as an activist working to develop the field of women’s studies (now most often called gender and women’s studies), I saved posters from the women’s liberation movement and our allies. The choice of posters was random, in the sense that I did not intend to create a collection; I saved a poster primarily because it energized and inspired my passion for justice, through its message, or design or through the memories of the event it is announcing. In short, I wanted it near me.” – Dr. Elizabeth Lapovsky Kennedy

As one of the founders of the field of women’s studies, Lapovsky Kennedy has been a pioneering force in feminist and lesbian scholarship and social anthropology in the United States. This selection of activist graphics, pulled from the Elizabeth Lapovsky Kennedy Collection of Women’s Liberation Posters, address themes of reproductive freedom, sexual assault, and pay equity, and celebrate the solidarity, uprisings, and social movements that have grown out of these struggles, such as the LGBTQ+ liberation movement and International Women’s Day. The prints amplify pertinent messages against oppression and inequality that are so crucial to building an equitable society.

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Gillian Edevane

Gillian Edevane

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