Kes Narbutas on SECA

Photo: Don Ross

Why did you decide to join SECA, and what do you appreciate about it most?

With so much diversity in what artists are doing today, I was looking to get a deeper understanding of the art world, and specifically what was happening in the Bay Area. As a busy non-arts professional, it isn’t easy to know which venues and artists to keep an eye on. SECA has been instrumental in familiarizing me with the local scene, and has introduced me to artists and events I never would have discovered on my own.

Why would you advise others to join SECA?

If you are really interested in contemporary art, and want to understand how it operates in the Bay Area, there is no better way than SECA. The opportunity to meet and talk with artists makes me feel connected in a way that I never could from just visiting galleries. But even more than that, I appreciate the opportunity to make friendships with others who have an interest in the art scene.

Do you have a favorite place in the new building?

The fifth-floor sculpture garden is hard to beat on a nice day. It’s an oasis where you can get off your feet for a moment and enjoy some fresh air and a drink, surrounded by sculpture.

Did anything surprise you about the expanded museum?

I find the architecture really welcoming; full of light and air, and designed in a way that offers constant surprises. Unpredictable staircases and windows create one-of-a-kind views to the outside.

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