Andrew Schapiro on SECA

Photo: Don Ross

How did you hear about SECA and what inspired you to become involved?

I learned about SECA through a fellow member, who told me about his experience visiting artists’ studios. It sounded incredible but exclusive. Months later, when considering different SFMOMA membership levels, I discovered that SECA was within reach—I could join the group, and visit artists’ studios, just by increasing my membership level a notch.

Do you have a favorite “art moment”, with SECA or within the San Francisco arts community?

I am new to SECA, so am looking forward to a lot of moments with this group. My favorite “art moment” was self-initiated but along the lines of what I am excited to experience with SECA. I reached out to Oakland-based artist David Wilson with an interest in his work. David invited me to his studio one morning before work, and we spent at least an hour talking about his approach and looking at several pieces. It was a morning I won’t forget, and a reminder of how easy it can be to connect with artists in our community.

What about the local art scene gets you excited?

The last few years have seen the art scene grow in new, exciting ways. The art show Untitled brings in galleries and artists from around the world and pairs with FOG for a powerful weekend each January. Minnesota Street Project’s space, galleries, and programing make it easy to see a range of art on a regular basis. Finally, the expanded SFMOMA always seems to have something new on view and something for everyone. There is more art in the Bay Area than one can see in a month!

How would you describe SECA to a friend?

SECA is a diverse group of San Franciscans who are looking for a more intimate connection with the local art scene and local artists. It’s a way to connect with others — and have fun—while learning more about what is happening now in Bay Area arts.

What’s something you might not have known about the local arts scene that SECA exposed (or will expose) you to?

I am most excited to meet more local artists via SECA. Getting to know the people behind the work, and understanding their motivations, is particularly exciting to me.

Do you have a favorite space within the museum? One you like to spend most time in?

I recently joined a tour of the permanent collection on the second floor. As much as I love seeing new exhibitions, it was a comforting reminder that there are some works I can return to over and over again. It makes me proud to see such world-class art in SFMOMA’s collection and, in some ways, the collection feels like it belongs to all of us in the Bay Area.

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