Marcus Keller on SECA

Photo: Don Ross

Why did you decide to join SECA, and what do you appreciate about it most?

I joined on the encouragement of the SECA coordinator, who basically said, “If you want to be immersed in the Bay Area art scene, join SECA.” The studio visits are the most unique aspect. The opportunity to engage with artists in their studios and learn about their processes firsthand is priceless. For any art-curious or art-loving individual, SFMOMA’s auxiliary groups offer a wealth of opportunities to see beautiful, thought-provoking, and groundbreaking art.

What about the local art scene gets you excited?

Young galleries like Capital Gallery, Et al., Bass & Reiner, and Casemore Kirkeby are showing the most experimental, ambitious, and visually alluring art in the Bay Area right now.

Do you have a memorable SECA-specific moment to share?

50 Years of Bay Area Art, the SECA Awards exhibition in 2011, assembled a superb collection from past SECA awardees.

Do you have a favorite place in the new building?

The octagonal gallery displaying seven Agnes Martin paintings is sublime.

Do you have a favorite artwork currently on view?

The Tenant (2010) by Rivane Neuenschwander and Cao Guimarães on view in The Campaign for Art: Contemporary.

What artists do you have your eye on right now?

Ana Teresa Fernandez, Shannon Ebner, and Richard T. Walker are current standouts for me. And Martin Puryear is an all-time favorite.

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