Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Artful Presents at Every Price Point

February 2021


We asked our friends at the museum store to recommend a few artful gifts that fit any Valentine’s need. See their selections below — and thank you for considering purchasing with us. Every sale helps support the museum’s exhibition and education programs.

(Opting out of Valentine’s Day? We recommend consulting this artwork for guidance on repurposing an ex’s photo. If you’re into making gifts, consider this “Four-Letter-Word Artwork” project. You’ll find it’s…adaptable.)

People Kissing: A Century of Photographs ($16.95)

True to its title, People Kissing: A Century of Photographs by Barbara Levine and Paige Ramey is brimming with romantic photos of people kissing. It’s a sweet gift for the person who inspires your public displays of affection.

Porcelain Heart Vase ($99)

If you left your heart somewhere in San Francisco, no matter. You can get another one at the online museum store. This one holds flowers and is designed by Marcantonio for Seletti, an Italian brand that puts delightful, unpredictable twists on household wares.

Sacred Heart Earrings ($75)

Mishky is a fair trade, artisan jewelry company that creates hand-made pieces using traditional Columbian craftsmanship. Complete with Japanese beads and gold-plated posts, this pair of earrings is a loveable addition to any jewelry box. If this isn’t the style you’re after, you can browse pages jewelry offerings at the store here.

Moya Champagne Flutes ($55)

Toast to your significant other with these distinctive, modern champagne flutes. Each one is handmade, adding an elegant touch to any celebration.

City Radio: Black Stone ($120)

Designed by Pizzolorusso for Palomar, this radio allows your recipient to toggle through stations according to a destination of their choosing. Press “Nairobi” or “Paris” or “Tokyo” and connect live to stations in that city. It’s a nice gift for anyone with worsening wanderlust after a year of curtailed travel.

Chipolo ONE ($25)

This is a humorous yet useful gift for someone who misplaces their keys, bag, or any other item that accomodates Chipolo’s ringable key fob. The device works by connecting to a phone app, so it’s doubly useful: ring your lost object with a phone, or ring a lost phone by double clicking on the Chipolo.

Mino Bluetooth Speaker ($30)

Designed by Andrea Quaglio and Manuela Simonelli, the Mino Bluetooth speaker comes in a variety of colors and is small enough to fit in the palm of a hand. Plus, it comes with a selfie remote for cute couple pics.

Let’s Go Get Lost jigsaw puzzle ($25)

Tell them you’d them to “Get Lost” — but in the sweetest way possible — with this gift from Print Club London x Luckies. The British screenprinting brand partnered with artist Dave Buonaguidi for this 500-piece jigsaw puzzle, which is based on Buonaguidi’s slogan-inspired works.

Write On: My Story Journal ($14.99)

Write On by Wee Society is technically a learning tool — but don’t let that fool you. It’s filled with quirky writing prompts that get the creative juices flowing and a tear-out story card game for added fun.

Maison 203: Faceted Heart Brooch ($24)

Designed by Maison 203, this brooch is perfectly suited for Valentine’s Day. It’s also sustainable — Maison 203 uses 3D-printed PLA, a bioplastic derived from renewable resources.

My Art Book of Love ($16.95)

My Art Book of Love by Shana Gozansky has 35 artworks that feature love in its many manifestations. There’s also a “read-aloud” text component, helping young learners read the book to themselves and others.

Amuseable Toys (Price varies)

Adorable and goofy, Amuseable Avocado and Amuseable Toast are squishable companions that have cordy legs and happy smiles — a perfect Valentine’s treat for little ones. Check out more Amuseable toys and browse kid-friendly gifts here.

Something from their favorite SFMOMA exhibition (Price varies)

The museum store has a wide range of products from exhibitions of yore. If you and your recipient share a fond memory at the museum, perhaps a tote or glossy catalogue can serve as a nice, tactile reminder of pleasant times.

Custom Print of their Favorite Artwork (Price varies)

Fun fact: the online store is also home to a customizable print shop, where buyers can select from the museum’s most-adored works. All prints are produced using gallery quality materials, and the color is matched against the original artwork. Consider it an enduring way to honor your recipient’s taste — literally. The prints are ink tested to last at least 100 years without fading.

Happy Valentine’s Day from SFMOMA!

Gillian Edevane

Gillian Edevane

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