Guidelines for Visiting SFMOMA

Our goal is to provide visitors with a safe and enjoyable museum experience; therefore, the Museum requires compliance with the following guidelines.

Code of Conduct

Join us in protecting the health of our community.

  • Under the weather? Take care, stay home, feel better soon. Our services team can help you reschedule your ticket for an alternative date at no charge.
  • Masks are recommended but not required.
  • During your visit, you can access audio guide content at sfmoma.org/audio. Headsets are currently unavailable; we encourage you to bring a pair of headphones to use with your mobile device.
  • Wash or sanitize your hands frequently. Sanitizer dispensers are located within the museum.
  • No food or drink in the galleries.
  • Any behavior or activity that disrupts the safe or orderly use of the Museum, or that affects the staff’s ability to provide services, is prohibited.
  • Please treat each other and our staff with respect — no profanity and/or engaging in rude, inconsiderate, or abusive behavior. We can all use a little kindness.


All visitors (including members and visitors 18 and younger, who always enjoy free admission) require a ticket. Order tickets in advance online for all members of your party so everyone can enter the galleries together. Complimentary tickets for visitors 18 and younger can be booked online in conjunction with a paid or member ticket.

Only vouchers from registered ticket partners will be accepted.

We encourage all visitors to reserve tickets online. Tickets are also available onsite. Contact visit@sfmoma.org or 415.357.4000 with any questions. Members can contact membership@sfmoma.org or call 415.357.4135.

When to Arrive

If you have a timed ticket please arrive at or within 15 minutes of your scheduled time. Please note the museum opens at 10 a.m. Friday through Tuesday and at 1 p.m. on Thursdays. We are closed on Wednesdays.


Photography/videography is allowed for personal, noncommercial use (except where indicated). No flashes, tripods, or selfie sticks.

Food and Drink

No smoking is permitted in the Museum. Eating and drinking are not allowed in the galleries but are allowed in designated areas. Sealed food and drink containers are allowed if they are packed away inside a bag.

Please see our Dining at SFMOMA webpage for details about our onsite dining options.


Infant Feeding

We welcome breastfeeding and bottle-feeding in all spaces. The Museum does not provide any dedicated spaces for feeding.


Single strollers are allowed unless otherwise noted for specific exhibitions.

Coat Check

Items not accepted in our coat check:

  • Food and drinks are not allowed in the museum, including at coat check.
  • No pets.
  • Flowers, plants, and balloons are not allowed in the museum and cannot be checked during your visit.
  • Wagons or oversized strollers are not allowed in the galleries. Single strollers may be provided, if needed, at coat check.
  • Motorized items are allowed through the galleries as mobility devices on their slowest speed. We cannot check motorized items at coat check.
  • Items that do not fit in our cubbies (anything beyond the maximum size of carry-on luggage, 22x14x9 inches).

Please note that items are left at the owner’s risk and SFMOMA is not liable for any belongings left behind.

Lost and Found

For all things Lost and Found while you’re at SFMOMA, ask any staff member on the museum floor. If you need to contact us about lost items after your visit, please call 415.357.4000 or email visit@sfmoma.org.


Backpacks may not be worn on your back; they must be carried by hand (below the waist) or worn on the front of your body at all times.


Umbrellas may not be carried in the galleries. Please place them in your purse or bag.


The use of all pens and any other writing/drawing/marking implement or implement that may be used to mark and/or deface SFMOMA property are strictly prohibited in the galleries (where art is on display). If making notes is necessary, please use a pencil. Possession of spray cans is prohibited in any area of the Museum.


Find detailed information about our accessibility options here.


Parking is available at the SFMOMA Parking Garage, located at 147 Minna Street. The garage is open every day between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. SFMOMA members receive 25% off parking and non-members are offered a 10% discount. Parking tickets can be self-validated at the coat check on Floor 1. Any issues with a parking ticket or the SFMOMA Garage itself should call 415.813.4266.

Art Barriers

Art safety barriers are not to be violated. Please honor all art safety barriers and maintain a distance of at least 18 inches from all artwork, and at least six feet from other guests.


Animals are not permitted at SFMOMA. The only exception is for service animals on a leash and under their owner’s control as authorized by applicable law.


Disruptive noise is prohibited. Visitors with electronic/sound-producing devices, including but not limited to cellular phones, PDAs, Game Boys, et cetera, will be asked to turn the volume down.


The interior of the Museum is not a public forum and is not designated for use for protests, rallies, petition signature gathering, or other similar activities.


The use or possession of any type of weapon or explosives is strictly prohibited.

Unauthorized Tour Guides

In response to COVID-19, the museum has temporarily paused all group tours. Unauthorized tours, meaning tours operated by private tour operators that are not affiliated with the museum, are prohibited and may be asked to stop the tour and/or leave the museum. Tour operators may reach out to groups@sfmoma.org for details on becoming a contracted partner.

Grounds for Immediate Ejection from SFMOMA

The following are prohibited and grounds for immediate ejection from SFMOMA:

  • Failure to maintain control of minor children or service animals
  • Photographing, filming, or otherwise recording SFMOMA staff in a manner that the staff determines disrupts the safe or orderly use of the Museum or interferes with the staff’s ability to provide services
  • Use of profanity and/or engaging in rude, inconsiderate, or abusive behavior
  • Blocking Museum areas, including any entrance areas, entrance steps, platforms, gallery spaces, or access ramps or otherwise interfering with the free flow of pedestrian traffic in and around the Museum
  • Blocking or interfering with admission lines or special event-related activities, including valet parking services for special events
  • Littering on Museum property including entrance areas, entrance steps, platforms, and access ramps and any surrounding areas
  • Petition signature gathering or leafletting activities in any museum area, including any entrance area, entrance steps, platforms, or access ramps
  • Smoking any tobacco or other product, including smokeless devices, inside the Museum or in an outdoor area within 20 feet of a main exit, entrance, or operable window of the Museum
  • Excessive intoxication while on SFMOMA’s premises
  • Possession, use, and/or being under the influence of controlled substances while on SFMOMA’s premises is strictly prohibited, except as authorized by physician prescription
  • Creating a physically offensive condition, including disturbing odors or infested clothing or personal effects
  • Lack of clothing covering the upper and lower body; lack of shoes or other footwear
  • Refusal to follow directions from SFMOMA staff
  • Consumption of food or beverages in prohibited areas
  • Unauthorized entry into controlled or restricted areas
  • Repeated violation of art safety barriers
  • Actual or attempted misappropriation of and/or damage to SFMOMA property

In addition to the above, any behavior or activity that disrupts the safe or orderly use of the Museum, or that affects the staff’s ability to provide services, is prohibited.