Harrell Fletcher and Miranda July on Learning to Love You More

Launched in 2002, Harrell Fletcher and Miranda July’s Learning to Love You More invited people all over the world to respond to seventy creative assignments set by the artists. The resulting photographs, lists, drawings, recordings, essays, and more were collected and published as a web project. In this video, the artists revisit the work in the context of its current exhibition, presented by guest curators Will Rogan and Jonn Herschend of THE THING Quarterly.

Learning to Love You More

Following the wishes of Harrell Fletcher and Miranda July, exhibitions of Learning to Love you More may be curated by other artists, and SFMOMA has invited artists Will Rogan and Jonn Herschend, the editors of the object-based publication THE THING Quarterly, to curate this exhibition. Herschend and Rogan have made a focused selection from the body of submissions that evokes, for them, the poignancy of Learning To Love You More, the elements of the work that flirt with humor, despair, and beauty, sometimes all at once.

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