“Too Much Is Enough”: A Talk on Garry Winogrand

Tod Papageorge began to photograph in 1962, during his last semester as a student in literature at the University of New Hampshire. By 1966 he had moved to New York City and been accepted into a small circle of photographer/artists, including Garry Winogrand, who were engaged in transforming the then-dominant documentary "style" of journalistic photography into a vigorous, poetic form. Papageorge's work is the subject of several monographs, and a selection of his writings on photography, Core Curriculum — which includes his seminal essay on Winogrand, "Public Relations: The Photographs of Garry Winogrand" — was published in 2011. He has been the Walker Evans Professor of Photography at the Yale School of Art since 1979. This artist talk was filmed at SFMOMA on March 7, 2013.