New Territory: Beyond the U.S.-Mexico Border 

Related Exhibition Pan American Unity

September 2021–Spring 2022
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A border is a line of separation, an edge, and a boundary that divides countries, land, and people. The line is imaginary, drawn and redrawn by history and conflict. This public program series explores the U.S. and Mexico border as a new territory, a region unto itself, and a site of possibility through art, design, and visual culture.The programs will span time periods and artistic mediums, from Diego Rivera’s vision for PanAmericanism in his largescale mural Pan American Unity, to participatory art installations from artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer and designers Rael San FratelloArtists, designers, and special guests investigate issues around migration, landscape, cities, ecology, labor, value, and creativity in a region too often defined by separation, rather than collaboration and exchange.  

Header image: Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Border Tuner / Sintonizador Fronterizo, Relational Architecture 23, 2019; photo: Monica Lozano