Upcoming Exhibition

Tauba Auerbach

S v Z

December 18, 2021–May 1, 2022

Floor 4

Entry to this exhibition is included with general admission.

Based in New York, Tauba Auerbach is a Bay Area native and a 2008 SECA Art Award recipient. The artist employs a wide range of materials and techniques in a practice grounded in math, science, and craft. Focusing on matters of (non) duality, connectedness, rhythm, form, and reason, Auerbach’s work undoes what the artist calls the “logical gaze.”

S v Z, Auerbach’s first museum survey exhibition, frames their prolific output over the last seventeen years and includes compositions that explore the properties of letters and symbols; drawings and books that subvert binary relationships; trompe l’oeil paintings that manipulate surface and dimensions; infrared photographs that document fluid dynamics; weavings and glass sculptures composed of interlocking waveforms; and video that interprets theories in quantum physics.

Exhibition Preview

Tauba Auerbach, Untitled (Fold), 2012; Collection of Maurice and Paul Marciano; ©️ Tauba Auerbach; photo: Steven Probert
Tauba Auerbach, Grain – Meander Arc, 2018; San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, promised gift of Joachim and Nancy Hellman Bechtle;
© Tauba Auerbach; photo: Vergard Kleven
Tauba Auerbach in collaboration with Cameron Mesirow, A.K.A. Glasser, Auerglass Organ, 2009; collection of the artist;
© Tauba Auerbach; photo: Max Farago
Tauba Auerbach, F, 2004; collection of the artist; © Tauba Auerbach; photo: Benjamin Blackwell
Tauba Auerbach, A Flexible Fabric of Inflexible Parts, 2018; courtesy the artist and Paula Cooper Gallery, New York;
© Tauba Auerbach; photo: Steven Probert
Tauba Auerbach, Shadow Weave – Metamaterial/Slice Ray, 2013; private collection; © Tauba Auerbach; photo: Steven Probert

Exhibition Catalogue

Part artist's book, part exhibition catalog, this book chronicles Tauba Auerbach’s multimedia syntheses of abstraction, science, graphic design, and typography.
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Major support for Tauba Auerbach — S v Z is provided by Gay-Lynn and Robert Blanding and SFMOMA’s Collectors’ Forum.

Generous support is provided by Martha and Bruce Atwater, Joachim and Nancy Hellman Bechtle, Jim Breyer and Angela Chao, Katherine Harbin Clammer and Adam Clammer, Roberta and Steve Denning, the Girlfriend Fund, the Elaine McKeon Endowed Exhibition Fund, Gina and Stuart Peterson, The Sanger Family Architecture and Design Exhibition Fund, Lydia Shorenstein, Sheri and Paul Siegel, and Sonya Yu and Zachary Lara.

Meaningful support is provided by Thomas and Lily Beischer, Dolly and George Chammas, and Agnes Gund.

Header image: Tauba Auerbach, Pilot Wave Induction III, 2018 (clip); courtesy the artist and Paula Cooper Gallery, New York; © Tauba Auerbach