Werner Herzog, Fitzcarraldo (still), 1982; photo: courtesy of New World Pictures/Photofest


SFMOMA is committed to exhibiting film as an essential medium of modern and contemporary art. We strive to bring a new dimension to cinema as a multifaceted social and educational experience. With state-of-the-art upgrades to the Phyllis Wattis Theater, the expanded museum will be a key venue for film in the Bay Area.

Our signature Modern Cinema program features in-depth explorations of works by key figures in the history of filmmaking. The program presents screenings, related talks, and live cinema productions that shed new light on historical masterpieces. In addition to this collaboration, we present projected-image work, including artist-based films and nonnarrative cinema.

SFMOMA has always been a pioneer in the presentation of film. Our first cinema program, Development of the Motion Picture, launched in 1937, shortly after the museum opened. Throughout our history, we’ve explored film in relation to populism and experimentation. We’ve shown everything from Walt Disney to F. W. Murnau. We’re proud to complement the wide-ranging film culture of the Bay Area. There is nothing like seeing moving images in the dark.

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