Performance in Progress

Desirée Holman: Sophont in Action

Thursday, Sept 8–Sunday, Sept 11, 2016

Starting Thursday, September 8, Performance in Progress brings artist Desirée Holman to SFMOMA for a long weekend of open rehearsals, screenings, panels, and more, exploring social equality through her use of fantastical worlds and character play. Join us for screenings of Holman’s video work and for a special behind-the-scenes look at a new iteration of Sophont in Action, a performance and video piece exploring theosophy, E.T. sightings, New Age mysticism, and California utopias.

About the Artist

Desirée Holman’s gallery-based work makes use of rehearsals, costumes, and props to present complex social groups, often in a state of change. Holman describes her work as attempting to “occupy British anthropologist Victor Turner’s notion of liminality, a transitional state of ritual wherein participants fully engaged in performance inhabit a series of new, hybrid identities.” Sophont in Action, in both its performance and video forms, captures these identities as they prepare for a utopian future from the esoteric knowledge and lived experiments of the past and present. Desirée Holman lives and works in Oakland, California.