The Mission Muralismo Audio Zine - Volume I

Take an audio stroll through San Francisco’s Mission District and learn about the murals seen throughout the neighborhood and the artists who collaborated to create them. Local writers Olivia Peña and Josiah Luis Alderete interweave their perspectives on the history of the Mission Muralismo movement with stories from the muralists themselves.


Use this map to visit the murals and neighborhood sites from the Mission Muralismo Audio Zine Volume I.

Collage by Myisa Plancq-Graham, with photos by Frevi, Carol M. Highsmith, and Myisa Plancq-Graham

Featured Artists

Juana Alicia, Susan Cervantes, Daniel Galvez, Mia Galaviz de Gonzalez, Nancy Pili Hernandez, John Jota Leaños, Consuelo Méndez, Irene Pérez, and Patricia Rodriguez.


Cast and Crew

Josiah Luis Alderete – Narrator and co-writer

Javier Briones – Interviewer and sound recordist

Natalia De La Rosa – Production assistant

Erica Gangsei – Executive producer

Stephanie Garcés – Interviewer

Camilo Garzón – Voice director, co-writer, sound designer, interviewer, editor, sound recordist, and lead producer

Santino Gonzales – Sound designer, sound recordist, and score

Christo Oropeza – Score

Olivia Peña – Narrator and co-writer

Myisa Plancq-Graham – Executive producer, interviewer, sound recordist

Gustavo Vera – Sound recordist


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