O Grivo’s sculptural orchestra

Nelson Soares and Marcos Moreira of O Grivo discuss their work as musicians, composers, and professional craftsmen. The Brazilian artist duo describe Cantilena (2017), a group of sculptural machines that produce sounds and perform together as a kind of orchestra.


July 15, 2017–January 1, 2018

Floor 7 and multiple locations throughout the museum

Soundtracks is the museum’s first large-scale group exhibition centered on the role of sound in contemporary art. Focusing on the perceptual experience of space, the exhibition offers opportunities for discovering public architectural features and galleries throughout the newly expanded building.

Digital Publication


Dive deeper into Soundtracks with the free online exhibition catalogue, edited by co-curators Rudolf Frieling and Tanya Zimbardo, featuring an artist project by Brandon LaBelle, Dena Beard and Frank Smigiel discussing sound and performance, and writings on exhibition artists and artworks.

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