What’s On

Floor 3
Kinship: Photography and Connection
May 20, 2023–Nov 26, 2023
Floor 7
Frank Bowling: The New York Years 1966–1975
May 20, 2023–Sept 10, 2023
Floor 5
Feb 18, 2023–July 30, 2023
The artwork Tarpaulin No. 1, by artist Rebecca Belmore, is a ceramic blanket on the ground shaped as though draped over an invisible human figure.
Floor 1
Janet Cardiff: The Telephone Call
Mar 25, 2023–July 23, 2023
A woman wears headphones attached to a mobile phone that she holds in front of her as she walks the SFMOMA galleries listening to the guided interactive The Telephone Call by Janet Cardiff.
Floor 4
New Work: Anna Sew Hoy
Mar 25, 2023–July 16, 2023
The artwork Hard Swamp Ecstatic Return by artist Anna Sew Hoy shows hand-built clay arches over a metal cage and denim scraps.
Koret Education Center, Floor 2free to see
Acción Latina: The ’80s Matter in the Mission
Oct 06, 2022–June 27, 2023
The mural Nuestros Muertos No Se Venden by Elizabeth Blancas.
Floor 6, City Gallery
Scrappy Chair Challenge
June 15, 2023–June 25, 2023
Floor 3
(a)way station
Paul Kariouk and Mabel O. Wilson
July 16, 2022–June 11, 2023
A still of the video artwork ​(a)way station​ by Paul Kariouk and Mabel O. Wilson.
Floor 2
2022 SECA Art Award Exhibition
Dec 17, 2022–May 29, 2023
Two people sitting on benches inside of an SFMOMA gallery staring up at an artwork installation by artist Marcel Pardo Ariza.
Floor 7
Julian Charrière: Erratic
Aug 06, 2022–May 14, 2023
An artwork named The Blue Fossil Entropic III by artist Julian Charrière, depicts an arctic landscape capturing a person scaling a glacier at night.
Floor 4
Sadie Barnette: The New Eagle Creek Saloon
Apr 22, 2023–May 11, 2023
Sadie Barnette's, ​The New Eagle Creek Saloon​, 2019 (installation view, The Kitchen, New York, 2022).
Floor 3
Sightlines: Photographs from the Collection
Aug 06, 2022–May 07, 2023
A black and white photography by artist Chanell Stone titled In Search of a Certain Eden, from the series Natura Negra.
Floor 3
Bernd & Hilla Becher
Dec 17, 2022–Apr 02, 2023
Floor 7
Joan Brown
Nov 19, 2022–Mar 12, 2023
Floor 2
Mythic Constructions: Carlos Mérida and Paul Klee
July 2, 2022–December 2022
Floor 4
New Work: Toyin Ojih Odutola
Sept 03, 2022–Jan 22, 2023
Floor 4
Diego Rivera's America
July 16, 2022–Jan 03, 2023
Floor 5
Contemporary Optics: Olafur Eliasson, Teresita Fernández, and Anish Kapoor
Mar 19, 2021–Dec 11, 2022
Floor 2
Amalia Mesa-Bains: Venus Envy, Chapter I and Madrinas y Hermanas (Godmothers and Sisters)
June 18, 2022–Nov 06, 2022